Welcome to my web page

I am currently working as lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy from the University of Rouen, associated with the Genetics of Cancer and Neuropsychiatric Diseases Research Unit (INSERM U1079, Pr Thierry Frebourg), most specifically in Dr Dominique Campion’s team and in relation with the National Reference Center for Early Onset Alzheimer Disease (Pr Didier Hannequin). My research now focuses on the development of statistical methods for the detection of associations between rare variants and human diseases., via the analysis of exome sequencing data in family trios or case/control studies.

Here are my PhD manuscript and slides about the inference of gene regulatory networks from non i.i.d. transcriptomic data, as well as links to the web pages of my PhD supervisors, Christophe Ambroise and Julien Chiquet from the Statistics and Genome Laboratory in Evry.

Here is a detailed CV (in French).